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We offer a full range of tree services for both residential & commercial clients. Our methods are based on ISA’s best practices and many years of experience working with all types of tree species in Edmonton & area. It is important to us that all of our customers receive the best possible advice from our arborists to help the longevity & health of your trees and plants.


At Neighbours Tree, our team understands that each tree is unique, and therefore making sure a professional can assess your trees and plants and provide you the best advice is crucial. Pruning is not only essential to the tree's appearance and long term health, but also improves structure, reducing the chances of personal or property damage caused by falling limbs or broken branches.

Our pruning methods are based on ISA best practices and ANSI 300 pruning standards. We have a variety of standard pruning packages or can provide you with a pruning plan that is unique and tailored to your specific plants. Our arborists are experienced with all types of pruning such as dead wooding, crown & canopy thinning, structural pruning, maintenance pruning, shaping pruning, clearance pruning and much more.  Pruning your trees is an investment in the health of your plants, as well as the overall look and safety of your property. If you are unsure how to proceed with pruning, or what might need attention on your property, our team is here to help you!

Tree Removal & Felling

At Neighbours Tree Company, our tree removal service follows a strict safe work plan to ensure the job is conducted in the safest possible manner. We consider all the minute details as we plan to remove a tree, before actually commencing our service.

Once we finish felling the tree, we proceed as per our agreement with our clients. From simply dropping the tree safely to providing complete disposal and thorough clean up, we manage everything to meet your needs and budget. We also make sure there are minimal restrictions to the residents of the area and conclude our tree removal services as fast as possible. If you have a tree that needs to be removed, give us a call so we can visit in person and provide you with a free quote on your tree removal service.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is the process of dealing the tree stump and roots left in the ground after a tree is removed. The majority of clients will request this to be done after their tree(s) are removed to ensure that it looks aesthetically pleasing and to reduce any safety risks of an exposed stump. It also reduces the chances of experiencing pests, insects and disease.


Stump grinder machinery is heavy duty equipment that should only be operated by a trained and experienced professional.s At Neighbours Tree we do both basic & deep stump grinding. We require our customers to request an Alberta 1 Call ticket prior to any deep stump grinding, to ensure there are no interferences with lines that may be passing through the ground.

Neighbours Tree Company Stump Grinding

Tree Planting

We know the importance of having a professional assess your yard, and give you the best recommendations for trees or plants that will be most beneficial long-term. We can provide advice on different options and allow you to pick the ones that suite you & your yard best.

Neighbours Tree Company has a wide selection of both plants, trees, and shrubs that are available throughout the season. We also provide information on proper preparation and maintenance tips as well as full range services from pickup, delivery, install and more.


Tree & Plant Health Assessments

Preventative tree care is important, and understanding disease & health risks is a huge part in the value that a professional arborist can provide.  We study all types of tree and plant species and the associated issues that may arise with each.

Whether or not your plants are healthy and you are looking for a general assessment, or they look diseased and unwell, we provide a thorough diagnosis, treatment and prevention plan so you can avoid any long term costs or risks associated with your trees. 

If you feel that your plants or trees are not growing as they are supposed to or notice anything unusual or concerning, please contact us today. We’ll conduct a thorough check-up, offer advice and solutions specifically for your tree & plant needs.

Tree and Plant Health Assessments
Modern Housing Complex

Property Inventory

Neighbours Tree Company offers a completely free tree count and species identity survey to its commercial clients.

Our premium inventory services offer a comprehensive and customizable tree inventory survey. We can include even the tiniest of details regarding your plant or tree’s health conditions. We can also record the species and their relative diversity so you can better understand your plants and plan for them accordingly. You can even customize your tree inventory services to know about the average growth potential of the plants and trees you have.

Apart from the features mentioned above, we offer much more, so you get fully informed about your plants, with ease. Just tell us the place, and we will send our certified arborists so they can study the area and the trees and plants in detail. It is vital that you hire professionals for tree inventory services, as a small mistake can become a significant hazard for you & your property in the future. Avoid any risks associated with your tree inventory needs in Edmonton and let us create a customized plan for you!

Tree Protection Fencing

Neighbours Tree Co also specializes in installing fencing & tree protection for trees or plants that might be at risk due to construction in the area. Not only is it important to protect the tree from any direct damage that might be caused from equipment, its also crucial to protect the root systems, the trunk, bark, branches, tissue and surrounding soil from damage, compaction and contamination.

The International Society of Arboriculture recommends that to prevent damage and potential loss of trees, it is recommended to develop a Tree Protection Plan or a Tree Preservation Plan prior to beginning construction. Many municipalities, including the City of Edmonton require developers to implement tree protection plans. 

Tree Protection Fenceline

24 Hour Emergency Response 


It is important to us that our customers can rely on our services in times of need. Unexpected situations can occur where its critical to have a professional who can assess the situation and provide advice on how to proceed forward. Overhanging limbs and broken branches, whether it be over your property, the street, or a nearby car should be cleared as soon as possible to prevent any further damage.


We also understand that the weather in Edmonton can get be unpredictable throughout the year. Snow storms and high winds can cause branches & limbs to break and fall, causing damage to property and potentially bystanders. Safety is our number one concern, and we understand the importance of having someone who's able to come quickly, and most importantly get the job done safely. 

Tree Cabling & Bracing

Tree cabling & bracing is a proactive and preventative technique to support a tree that may be suffering from poor or weak structure. It is commonly used to reduce stress on your tree from high winds, storms, limb breakage and heavy foliage. Cabling & bracing helps prevent possible damage,  helps alleviate existing damage and helps to restore structural integrity.

  • Cabling
    • Cabling is reserved for the upper canopy of a tree

    • Entails installation steel or rope cables between major branches and trunks

    • Reallocates structural stress among these connected branches

    • Still allows some swaying or natural movement 

    • Decreases risk of potential damage during severe weather conditions

  • Bracing
    • Bracing is most commonly employed in the lower regions of a tree

    • Involves invasive installation of steel rods above/below damaged area

    • Aids in securing splits/cracks in tree trunk or at major branch junctions

    • In most instances, tree bracing is used in combination with tree cabling

    • A more rigid application (more restrictive re: branch swaying/movement)

Neighbours Tree Company professional tree Bracing
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