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Stump Grinding

The Scope

Stump(s) will be ground 4-6 inches below grade for BASIC and 12-16" for DEEP grinds. Includes large surface roots near the stump. Stump grindings will be raked over the hole.


Stump grinding prep - The client will be responsible for the following:


1) All privately owned irrigation or landscape lighting lines must be moved or marked if they are within 2 feet of the stump or any large surface root. If they cannot be moved, the should be flagged and exposed. 

2) All rocks, mulch and landscape fabric must be moved 2 ft away from the stump and large surface roots. We can provide this service for an additional fee of $2.00/ inch of stump diameter. 

3) We will not grind closer than 6" to any building, fence or other obstacle. If the obstacle cannot be moved beforehand,  we can proceed to remove remaining stump portions using hand and power tools on an hourly rate of 125.00/hr. 

Min Charge : $125

What is
Stump Grinding?

Stump Grinding is the process of removing a portion or all of the stump from a pre-existing tree.

Stump Grinding is typically, and most efficiently, done with a piece of equipment we simply refer to as a 'Stump Grinder' (see picture). Stump Grinding can be required for faster root deterioration, aesthetics, structural projects and replanting. Neighbours Tree offers a range of below grade depths to fit a project's needs, while also attending to surrounding surface roots.

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