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Tree Planting

Young trees at a nursery
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All about Planting

Neighbours Tree Company works closely with local nurseries to bring to you the best quality trees, vetted and installed by quality Arborists.

We can accomodate a multitude of sizes, but our most common sizes are 2.5 gallon, 5 gallon, 10 gallon and 15 gallon. We work with you to provide the information and resources to correctly identify the trees with the best chance of a long and healthy life, while also the identifying trees that could meet your more personal preferences.

Our tree planting service includes: Tree (unless picked out & paid for prior to work date by customer), Pick-up, delivery, installation, staking, mulching & fertilizing of any 2.5+ gal potted tree. 

Includes cost of tree, fertilizer, stakes, tree ties & mulch.

While you are certainly free to pick out your own tree, it is always best to consult with an arborist, or allow an arborist to pick your tree for you. Our arborists will check for signs of bad health, bad form or structure, and pick out the tree with the best chance of a long life for you. This service is included with all trees that are not prepaid.

Young Tree Training

Young Tree Training is a service designed specifically for the objective of developing sound structure, branch spacing, and appropriate crown architecture for the species and location. This service is a precursor to regular Maintenance Pruning, and allows for significant reduction in hazards and health issues down the road, as well as setting the frame work for a beautiful crown.

Tree Pruning

Young Tree Training BEFORE



1) Reduce or remove dead, damaged, & diseased branches. 

2) Identify the desired tree form, central leader(s) & permanent scaffold branches. 

3) Reduce or remove temporary branches to meet immediate clearance requirements. 

4) Reduce or remove branches or leaders with attachment defects. 

5) Reduce or remove co-dominant leaders & branches.

6) Identify permanent scaffold branches, & reduce or remove competing branches. 

7) If necessary, reduce or head back small  secondary diameter branches to maintain shape.

8) Reduce or remove additional temporary branches if pruning dose allows.


Target branch size: 0.5-3 inches. 

Pruning dose: 30% max for vigorous trees. Less for trees under stress. 


NOTE: This procedure should be repeated annually or bi-annually until the permanent structure of the tree has been set. 


This work will be completed under the direction of an ISA Certified Arborist. All pruning techniques will meet ANSI 300 Pruning Standards, and the ISA Best Management Practices.

Our Tree Planting Warranty

(valid for all trees picked out by our Arborist)

1.1. Plant material installed by Neighbours Tree Company is guaranteed for one(1) year from the time of planting. Provided that proper maintenance and protection has been performed (watering, weeding, cultivation, etc.) with the exceptions stated below, see 1.3.


1.2. This warranty is limited to a one-time, free of charge installation of a paid tree(client is responsible for replacement cost). 


1.3. Exempt from warranty:

Underwatered or neglected plants (client must provide a hard copy of a watering schedule for the plant)

Vandalism, animal damage, or Acts of God

Any special request plants which are not hardy to our area (zone 3) as well as annuals, bulbs, or bare-root stock.

If the plant has been moved from its original location 

Plants installed in pots or raised planters


1.4. Trees and shrubs can show some stress immediately following planting, but normally they will recover quickly. Keep an eye on your new plants. At the first sign of something unusual with the new plant material, contact us regarding your concerns. We can then assist you with information to help keep you new plant material healthy before further damage occurs. Underwatering, overwatering, insect infestation can all have adverse effects on a young plant.

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