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Land Clearing / Mulching is a cost effective solution for tree & bush clearing for all things acreage. Whether it's clearing inefficient tree patches on your field or foliage along your fenceline, clearing horse or walking trails, or land clearing for a build, our CM175 Twister II and its team of operators are here to help!  The mulching machines we use are specifically designed to turn trees and brush into mulch in minutes. Neighbours Tree company services land clearing projects in the Rural Outer Edmonton & Surrounding Areas. 

  • Mulching

  • Land / Lot Clearing 

  • Brush Clearing 

  • Overgrowth Cleanup

  • Right of Way Clearing 

Neighbours Tree Company mulcher
  • Fence line Clearing

  • Roadway & Ditch Clearing 

  • Power line Clearing 

  • Trail, ATV & Path Clearing 

  • Debris Clean-up

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Neighbours Tree Company mulching
  • CMI-175 Twister II

  • 76 inch mulcher head

  • 173 HP Power

  • 476 Lb.-Ft Torque

  • John Deere Engine

  • Two speed hydraulic motor


1. How wide is your mulcher head?
Our mulcher head is a little over 6 feet wide (76")

2. What is the largest tree your mulcher can take down?
Our mulcher can knock down trees with approx 14" diameter (DBH).

3. Can you mulch in the winter/snow?
We sure can! Light snow is no issue at all, moderate to deep snow may affect how clean and smooth the completed result is.

4. How deep does the mulcher go?
The mulcher typically goes to ground level or slightly deeper than.

5. Can you mulch with frozen ground?
Yes! Many, including certain government entities, prefer or even insist on the ground being frozen for mulching work.

6. How many passes do you do?
This is more up to you dependant on your projects needs and budget. Our operator will typically do 2-3 passes unless otherwise instructed. The walk through phase with our assessor or operator will help in determining how many passes are required.

7. How much can be mulched or cleared in one day?
The scope of a project plays a huge factor in this one! Timing can be dramatically different depending on the amount of trees or obstacles, density of foliage, or how many times the operator needs to run the mulcher back and forth, as well as any access or mobilisation delays; however, the average project paces at about 1/2 hectare per day.

8. How much does it cost?
We have many multiple pricing scales available, including a locked in total project amount, a day fee, or our basic $300/hr cost; all of which incorporate travel, mobilisation and site time. 

9. What needs to be done before the mulcher arrives on site?
Things like patio furniture etc will need to be moved as far away as possible to avoid damage from flying debris. Anyone on site needs to be aware to keep 300 feet away from a running mulcher. If required, property lines should be pre-marked. We will send out a list of pre-work requirements upon confirmation of booking.


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