Tips To Manage Your Garden This Spring

February 27, 2020

Tips To Manage Your Garden This Spring

The cold and long winter in the city of Edmonton will eventually make way for spring when plants prepare to start their new lives. This is why you should be prepared to assist and manage them in the best way possible, so your plants can grow to their maximum potential with time. It is indeed a wondrous experience, witnessing the growth of a plant. It can get more interesting and inspiring if you help them grow better, by providing a safe environment, nutrient-rich soil and of course the personal care by your presence near them.

Managing your garden during the spring season is essential, to help your plants grow strong for once the winter arrives. If your plants are not strong enough, they might not survive the bitter winter of our city.


Pruning just before, during, and after winter is necessary, because it’ll take care of your plants that survived in the deep and consistent snow. Pruning stimulates the subsequent growth of plants and helps them grow stronger. It is important to do it before the winter starts, or as soon as the winter ends so that your plants can revive and rejuvenate back to their original condition. You can even prune in the winter! That’s because in the early winter all the energy from the branches is put into the roots, so the branches could be dormant when you prune them.

Nourish The Soil

In spring we strive to keep our yards as strong as possible to allow ideal plant growth, so we have to strengthen their branches, trunks and especially the roots. You can also cover your garden and around the trunks of trees with dry leaves to keep it hydrated and to prevent damage to the roots due to the diminishing cold.

Cut Herbs & Shrubs

Many shrubs arrive this time of year with yellow branches, dry or folded, and it’s important to trim them so that they grow more robustly. For bushes, it’s good to trim a quarter of the plant (depending on the type of bush), although it may seem that we are leaving them bare, they will grow much faster.

Careful Planting

It may sound unrealistic but autumn is an excellent time to plant your plants, since being a dry season they run less risk of drying and grow stronger. Before you plant, just make sure that your selected plants will be able to adapt to your environment or not. You can get help from a certified arborist for this technical information. Sow plants accordingly so that they will bloom in spring with their full potential and minimum threats to their livelihood.

Care For Your Grass

With the change in temperatures and the drop in humidity, the grass starts to grow and need nourishment, so we recommend you oxygenate the soil by aerating (making small holes in the ground) and fertilize it with some specific fertilizer for this time of year.

Never forget to regulate the watering with the temperature, the humidity and the incidence of the Sun. They need to be changed after winter, the frequency and duration of irrigation cannot be the same for every season.

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