Tree Planting


Neighbours Tree Company offers a complete range of options when you hire us for tree planting services. We carefully analyze the soil of your area of choice and apply tests to see how nourishing it is for the tree you want. After the initial analysis, we offer you the best options to choose from various tree species. Once you decide on the tree species, we will initiate planting. As certified arborists, we are fully aware of the technical details that are essential if you expect your trees to grow to their full potential. We offer premium tree planting services for Edmonton.

Every tree species has their own unique needs as they grow. There must be ample space given to them so they can grow in all dimensions without affecting other vegetation or plants. Depending on the tree species, we will need to strategically plant the trees so they can receive maximum sunlight and continuous flow of water. We offer specialized tree planting services in Edmonton to make sure you are fully satisfied as we plant your favourite trees.


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