Tree & Plant Management


Neighbours Tree Company understands that every plant and tree needs professional management and maintenance to grow to their full potential. If you don’t give them the care they need they will not be able to survive the cold weather of Edmonton. Apart from the weather conditions, there are many types of weeds that are direct threats to your vegetation or plants and even trees that are already matured. Tree and plant management services make sure your plants and trees thrive as they grow and age.

It’s such a shame to see a mature tree dying from what would have been an easy to remedy disease, or become so entangled in an eavestrough or adjacent building that it has to be removed. We offer economical packages and pricing to provide our clients with the added value of our services. We make sure that only the premium service is given to your trees and plants so they can grow in the best way possible. We also make sure to regularly check the health of the plants and trees and provide appropriate remedies, so they don’t suffer any needless damage.


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