Tree Inventory


Neighbours Tree Company offers a completely free ‘tree count and species identity survey to its commercial clients only’. Our premium inventory services offer a comprehensive and customizable tree inventory survey. We can include even the tiniest of details regarding your plant or tree’s health conditions. We can also record the species and their relative diversity so you can better understand your plants and plan for them accordingly. You can even customize your tree inventory services to know about the average growth potential of the plants and trees you have.

Apart from the features mentioned above, we offer much more, so you get fully informed about your plants, with ease. Just tell us the place, and we will send our certified arborists so they can study the area and the trees and plants in detail. It is vital that you hire professionals for tree inventory services, as a small mistake can become a significant hazard for you in the future. Just avoid any risks associated with your tree inventory needs in Edmonton and let the professionals deal with it.


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