Humans And Trees: A Symbiotic Relationship That Must Last Forever

January 28, 2020

Humans And Trees: A Symbiotic Relationship That Must Last Forever

We humans have a mutually beneficial relationship with trees. Our relationship is as old as the world itself. It may sound a bit cheesy, but trees are really the main source of our existence, and we are a source of theirs. Apart from this, some astounding similarities between us may amaze you. We all know that trees help us live a healthy life, they offer us sustenance, and they also help to stabilize the soil and improve the livelihood of the local wildlife.

Apart from knowing the essential benefits, we must know how trees helped us survive and evolve from the stone age into the digital and concrete world of today. To understand the existence of trees, we must understand how a perfect symbiosis exists between them and us. This blog will highlight a few main similarities between us and trees that will surely be surprising to you.

Humans And Trees Are Mostly Water

Most tree species are at least 50% water, whereas we humans are almost 60% water. Now, this is very interesting as our body characteristics are very different from the trees. Still, the importance of water to both of us is relatively the same. An average tree can soak up to 40 to 50 gallons of water from the ground per day. We are also unable to survive without having ample hydration daily. Apart from that, we breathe in oxygen and exhale out carbon dioxide, whereas trees breathe in carbon dioxide and they exhale out oxygen. This shows how trees balance out the volume of oxygen in the environment so we can thrive in our existence.

We Have A Similar Peak Lifespan

Just like humans can live for more than 80 years, trees also can live for more than 80 years. Nonetheless, in most cases, after a tree reaches 80 years of age, it becomes vulnerable to diseases and infections quite similar to humans. According to research, when a tree is cut down after its peak lifespan, it has absorbed the maximum level of carbon from the atmosphere. This stored carbon remains sealed inside the timber until it’s exposed to fire, as only then the carbon is released back into the atmosphere. However, if the same wood is used as your flooring or furniture, the carbon inside them does not affect us or the environment.

Humans And Trees Have Unique Personalities

Another similarity between us and the trees is that both our species have individual personalities. This means that each tree has a different physical appearance, just like we do. Apart from that, every tree has a unique setting and growth behaviour just like we do as our personalities are never the same as another person. There can be similarities, but no two trees are the same. These similarities show that our bond with our wooden friends is way more than just business utility or a decorative object.

We Both Need Healthcare

Trees and humans both need professional healthcare; we are both vulnerable to the changing environment. As climate change is becoming more and more adverse, we are facing more diseases and require better healthcare services. Similar to us, trees also need better care and timely maintenance. This is where the importance of professional tree maintenance services come into action. If we plan on existing in the future, we must protect and support our trees in every aspect. Aside from planting more trees and selection cutting, we should help in improving the living conditions of trees on a global scale.

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